One of the investments I would make this year (Updated for 2022)


It is going to take a bit longer for the Biden administration to realize that inflation may not be transitory and that it may not have peaked. Denial will not make inflation go away!

But while Uncle Joe may take a bit longer to realize that inflation is pulling the rug out from under our investments, I’m urging my clients to take action today!

While I’m recommending several asset classes that can help your portfolio during inflationary periods, there is one investment I’m recommending you purchase while it’s available in 2022:

The Series I Savings Bond

You might’ve just laughed, so why the Series I Savings Bonds?

The Series I Savings Bond is issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. They are inflation-protected and nearly risk-free investments that, through April 2022, are paying a 7.12% annual rate of interest.

7.12% interest risk-free? What’s the catch?

The catch is that there are two parts to a Series I Savings Bond’s returns: a fixed rate and a variable rate. Currently, the fixed rate is at zero percent and the variable rate, which changes every six months based on the Consumer Price Index, is at 7.12 percent.

This means that the bondholders may have rate changes twice a year.

The value of a Series I Savings Bond doesn’t decline, and rates won’t drop below zero. If inflation continues that rate may go up even further, so they make a great investment if you believe inflation is with us for the long-term.

I mention long-term because Series I Savings Bond investors can’t access the funds for 12 months, and if they redeem the bond within the first five years, they lose the last three months of interest.

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How many of these bonds can I purchase?

One of the limitations of the Series I Savings Bond is that individual investors can’t buy more than $10,000 per year.

But there is a workaround – couples can purchase $10,000 each and a family of four can purchase up to $40,000 a year as long as they are in each individual’s name.


I eat my own cooking!

My family and I maxed out our Series I Savings bond purchases for December and we already maxed out our 2022 purchase….

…and there are several additional strategies I’m using to reallocate my family and clients’ portfolios in anticipation of continued inflation.

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