Building wealth for conservative families, business owners and executives

Building wealth for conservative families, business owners and executives

Our team focuses on high-performing financial strategies and building wealth for our clients. We are committed to conservative principles in business, investing and life.

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As Politically Conservative Business Owners, We Are Aligned

As Politically Conservative Business Owners, We Are Aligned

I care deeply about my family, friends, my clients and my business… Just like you. I’ve traveled down a similar path as you. We have the experience and expertise to help make your financial future strong and prosperous. I can help with the planning and implementing of the financial burdens that keep you up at night. 

Our Values

What matters to us is your financial freedom and well-being. We provide wealth strategies that are in your absolute best interest - not simply what is suitable for you.

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Our Clients

Our clients tend to be a lot like us - type-A, politically conservative, high achievers who tell it like it is, expect performance and understand the value of relationships in business and life.

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Our Processes

Our Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Risk Management processes are the result of 125 years of combined experience serving entrepreneurs, executives and their families.

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2021 Tax Planning

Our newly updated and designed 2021 Tax Planning e-book can be a valuable resource to help you stay prepared for the upcoming tax season. This year’s edition accounts for changes to the tax code due to the CARES Act and other COVID-19 legislation.

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Who is Bob?

Bob is a politically conservative entrepreneur and Founder of Rubin Wealth Advisors. He is passionate about his family, politics, local sports teams, serving his clients and the community. He is a thirty-five year resident of Boca Raton, FL. Bob is a member of the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees, the Vice Chairman of FAU’s International Center for Emergency Management Education. Bob is a founding member of Turning Point USA and is honored to serve on the National Advisory Board. Turning Point is a politically conservative national student organization with over 100,000 members. Bob supports the National Review Institute and a variety of local charities including the Miracle League of Delray, Autism After 21 and is a huge Florida Panthers fan.

“My focus is moving our clients forward so they are better positioned to achieve their personal and business goals. I listen closely to their dreams and challenges, ask good questions and develop the best strategy for their unique situations. I’ve helped a lot of clients as an active participant in my community over the last thirty-five years and am always delighted to connect clients and friends to make things happen, solve problems and move business forward.” - Bob Rubin

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