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Do your investments align with your values

Here is a politically conservative investing nightmare scenario – a moral dilemma that causes conflict to your very core. The perfect investment opportunity is presented to you. You are promised stable returns for years to come. The books check out, the company is legit and their finances are in good order. What’s the catch? What’s the hold-up from jumping while the iron is hot?  Here is the catch – this company uses its profits to advance an ideology you don’t believe in. The very profits you are helping to create are in turn used by this company to fund, support, and proliferate a liberal agenda that advocates for a bigger, more activist, and socialized government.

Why I Try To Invest In Companies That Share My Conservative Principles.


On the one hand, you can reap the financial benefit of investing in this company. On the other, you are faced with a gnawing feeling that your money is being used to support the very policies you oppose. What is the point of great financial returns only to find out that your money is going to be taxed away by politicians elected by the very profits you helped create with your investment? A real soul twister.


I have been there, and I hated the feeling. Knowing that my money, my investment, my financial belief in a company was then used to fund liberal and progressive causes across the country was an issue I could not come to support. BLM protests, democratic candidates up and down the ticket, and ANTIFA groups all could be tied back to liberal dollars. I took a stand as I didn’t want my investment in company X to be part of that.


That’s why today I try to invest in companies that share my principles and my values.

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Now, this doesn’t mean investing in any old company. No. It has to financially make sense for your investment goals, both short and long term. Nevertheless, the benefits of “Principled Investing” are worth the extra work in researching in how companies utilize their profits.


The benefits of putting your money where your values are:

  • A portfolio that meets your financial goals;
  • Gives your investments a secondary sense of purpose;
  • Investing becomes more than just making money;
  • Your money only goes to support causes and issues you care about;
  • Peace of mind knowing your investments are making a difference;
  • A portfolio that shares your values.

This bigger challenge today is not just determining whether to invest in Company A or Company B, but also ensuring the various index funds, mutual funds, and ETFs you put money into are also only investing in companies that match your values.  It is not possible to only invest in politically conservative companies but to the extent that you can, you should.  This can be even more time-intensive as you scour the books to see which company does what and how they use their profits. For me, that research is worth the peace of mind I get knowing my investments are making money and not aligning with policies I see as detrimental to my family or my business.


Today, there are options for conservative traders who want their money to go with their values. Everything from firms that will do the research for you, to wealth advisors who do hard work to try to make sure you are making the right investment – financially and morally.


Whichever the case may be for you, the choice is very clear. When returns are not enough and you want to ensure your investments mirror your values, it’s time to invest in companies that share your morals and principles.


Put your money where your values are. You, your wallet, and your soul will thank you.

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