AT&T working against conservative values: Let Your Dollars Do The Walking Away From AT&T

Let your dollars do the walking away from AT&T

Rubin Wealth Advisors, in conjunction with American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF) has identified the ten worst companies for political conservatives (or patriots) to invest in.

Investors can’t completely avoid placing their funds into all woke companies, but they can avoid investing in the worst offenders.

Announcing “Rubin’s Bottom 10”

Let’s get to #5..

Visit the website of AT&T (NST:T) and you will find a whole host of communication offerings available to you.  They have phones, devices, internet, television, and, for your local fentanyl dealer, prepaids!  What they don’t advertise across the banner of their site is their newest way to “reach out and touch someone”, that being their woke corporate policy.

Unlike some of the other woke corporations I’ve written about in this series; AT&T has seemingly stayed below the radar when it comes to public awareness of their anti-American agenda.  For whatever reason, conservative activists who have been quick to draw attention to the likes of Alphabet and Amazon, have kind of let AT&T slide, this despite the fact that they are every bit as offensive in their conduct as are the other publicly traded companies who virtue signal at every turn, sometimes doing so through AT&T platforms.

That ends now.

Like so many other companies that have eschewed ROI goals for those of social justice, AT&T had their spiritual awakening in the early summer of our discontent, June of 2020.  

Then-CEO Randall Stephenson penned a June 2020 open letter entitled, “The Mandate for Equitable Justice,” which called for police reform such as reviewing police officer immunity, and claiming there is “implicit racial biases” throughout all organizations. The piece is worth reading in its entirety because while it is brief, it contains virtually every catchword and phrase that can be used to make the essential point of “Woke corporation good.  America bad.”

Rubin Review

In his letter, Stephenson invokes the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Rayshard Brooks (gosh, he forgot Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner-guess they weren’t trendy anymore) to suggest that there is some sort of conspiracy in America that involves police deliberately targeting Blacks.

He does so without providing any further context with regard to Black-on-Black crime, actual police-minority engagements and their typical outcomes, or any of the other data that has been so brilliantly analyzed by Heather Mac Donald at the Manhattan Institute and others like her. Providing that context would reveal that there is no systemic problem, and that AT&T is simply doing what other large corporations are guilty of doing which is cherry-picking data to justify their own initiatives.  Those initiatives typically create policies of reverse discrimination and, in this case, detract from their primary purpose of being a communications company.

The company has gone further by establishing a page on its website devoted to its latest efforts to promote “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.”  On it, they post the usual articles designed to give site-surfers the feeling that they are always using their AT&T powered smartphone from the virtual corner of Haight & Ashbury, no matter where they might physically be.  Even though the page has “We Stand for Equality” in giant font as you land, that turns out to be not enough for the BLM folks.  They have still criticized AT&T for being part of a very subversive group, the American Legislative Exchange Council that promotes, wait for it, “the principles of limited government, free markets, and federalism.”

Seems as though AT&T might be learning what Neville Chamberlain learned over 75 years ago; those policies of appeasement don’t always work.

Further, AT&T joined with other companies in vowing to drop support for Republican candidates in the wake of the fake insurrection on January 6th of 2020.  As reported by the failing New York Times:

Marriott International, Dow, Airbnb and Morgan Stanley were among those that said they would halt donations from their political action committees, or PACs, to the 147 Republican members of Congress who objected to certifying the election results on Jan. 6. The plans to object to the results appear to have contributed to the deadly storming of the Capitol that day. AT&T, whose PAC donated the most of any single public company in the 2019-20 election cycle, also said it would suspend contributions to those lawmakers.

Given what now we know, thanks to the work of patriots like Dinesh D’Souza with his film 2000 Mules, and others election integrity activists across the country, it seems like there was good reason to object to certifying the election results of 2020.  None of those 147 Republicans can even be remotely tied to folks entering the Capitol that day at the invitation of the DC police who were securing the building by opening the gates.  Despite that fact, woke AT&T saw it as an excuse to simply no longer contribute to candidates who, generally speaking, do not support the same fascist model of socialism as does the corporation fka “Ma Bell.”

AT&T has tried to be too cute by half in approaching the social justice claims made by woke companies.  It could be that they are trying to have it both ways by saying things and doing things that are somewhat in conflict with one another.  That, however, is something from which you as an investor should not let them get away with.  If AT&T wants to try to be half in, you should take your money all out.  There is no reason for you to support their cowardice and pandering.

Let your investment dollars doing the walking away from the cowardly yellow pages on AT&T’s website.

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