ESG: The Leftist Scam Transferring Billions from Capitalism to Socialism.

ESG: The Leftist Scam Transferring Billions from Capitalism to Socialism

ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance, is a term used to describe a set of non-financial criteria that investors use to evaluate a company’s performance.  While the “idea” behind ESG is to encourage companies to behave in a more responsible and sustainable manner, in reality, it is a leftist agenda disguised as a set of ever-changing rules, objectives, and ratings that companies are supposed to pursue instead of maximizing shareholder value.  Basically, ESG is a scam designed to transfer money from capitalists to socialists. 

 The flawed ESG rating system

First, ESG ratings are determined by arbitrary and inconsistent measures that liberal rating agencies create.  These agencies are not accountable to shareholders but to the whims of leftist elites who do not care about real-world results.  Companies are forced to hire expensive consultants to improve their scores, diverting resources away from actual business activities that benefit shareholders and create jobs for hard-working Americans.

 Additionally, the flawed ESG rating system is not only a threat to the economy but also to the individual freedom of American citizens.  The left is using ESG to advance its socialist agenda, contrary to the principles of capitalism and individual freedom.  By forcing companies to adopt policies that are not in their best interests, ESG is damaging the economy and reducing the ability of companies to create jobs and wealth for American workers.

ESG promotes socialist policies that damage the economy and reduce individual freedom.  The left uses ESG to push its radical agenda, including forcing companies to focus on meaningless objectives like fighting climate change and social justice issues, rather than pursuing profit and creating jobs for Americans.  This is a threat to the capitalist system and undermines the ability of companies to create value for shareholders and jobs for American workers.

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How to fight back against ESG

Finally, large companies have the resources and influence to push back against the ESG agenda.  To start off, they can focus on their core business activities that create value for shareholders and jobs for workers, instead of diverting resources to achieve arbitrary ESG goals that benefit no one except leftist elites.  This means rejecting the flawed ESG rating system and measuring success on metrics that matter to the company and its stakeholders.  In addition, companies can prioritize innovation and creativity, creating new products and services that benefit society while generating profits for shareholders.  By rejecting the flawed ESG rating system and measuring success on metrics that matter, companies can remain accountable to their shareholders and avoid diverting resources away from actual business activities. 

Individuals can also play a crucial role in fighting back against the ESG agenda.  By educating themselves about the true motives behind ESG and speaking out against its harmful effects, they can help raise awareness of the issue.  They can also support companies that reject the ESG agenda and focus on creating value for shareholders and jobs for hard-working Americans.  Additionally, individuals can use their power as consumers to influence companies by purchasing products and services from companies that align with their values.  This can encourage companies to focus on what really matters and reject the flawed ESG agenda.

 How is money being transferred from capitalism to socialism?

People often ask me this question. Well, the answer is, it’s done in many different ways.  Take for example the ESG rating agencies.  These agencies arbitrarily decide your company’s ESG score and they’re certainly not free.  In order to improve upon that score, you need to hire consultants who will help you rank high on each rating agency.  But as you already know, those standards change frequently, so the consultants need to stay engaged in order to keep your company at the top of the score sheets.  These consultants will tell you that you need to put in place leftist processes that your company needs to follow.  This means hiring more leftists to monitor everything and ensure that you continuously meet and exceed those high ESG scores.  But of course, the rating system for ESG is constantly changing, so you have to hire additional consultants to figure out which ESG goal or objective you’re going to chase this month or this quarter.  And then you have to hire people to help put in those processes and make sure that you’re actually pursuing these processes and outcomes.  All of this is happening while management is supposed to be pursuing shareholder value.  But how are they supposed to do that if they’re worried about some nebulous goal?

It’s easy to see why this can be confusing and overwhelming.  But that’s precisely the point.  The left is skilled at using words and obfuscation to mask their true intentions.  They don’t want you to understand what’s going on.  But the truth is, billions of dollars are flowing from capitalism to socialism due to ESG.

 In conclusion, the ESG agenda threatens America’s capitalist system and individual freedom.  It is a leftist scam designed to transfer money from capitalists to socialists.  By rejecting the ESG rating system, focusing on measures of success that matter, and promoting transparency and innovation, both large companies and individuals can fight back against the ESG agenda and protect our economy and our freedom. By understanding the true motives behind ESG.

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