Brokers’ Betrayal: Concealing Truth on Gold Ownership in Economic Chaos – Shocking Revelation!

Brokers’ Betrayal: Concealing Truth on Gold Ownership.

Gold has always been cherished for its beauty, rarity, investment potential, and enduring value. It has played a significant role throughout history, attracting individuals seeking financial security and stability. If you are a politically conservative investor with a keen interest in safeguarding your wealth against unforeseen economic upheavals, it’s crucial to understand the nuances of owning physical gold versus intangible financial assets like gold or silver ETFs.

Investment Considerations

As a conservative investor, you prioritize preserving your capital and mitigating risk. Gold has long been regarded as a reliable asset during times of economic uncertainty, making it an attractive investment option. It acts as a safe-haven asset, maintaining its value when other investments may falter. By diversifying your portfolio with gold, you can shield yourself against inflation and market volatility. To invest in gold, you have multiple avenues available. One option is to acquire physical gold in the form of coins or bars, providing you with a tangible asset that can be securely stored in a personal safe or vault. However, it’s important to acknowledge that physical gold entails certain risks, including the potential for theft or loss.

 Alternatively, you may consider investing in gold through exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds or gold mining stocks. These financial instruments mostly track the price of gold, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to gain exposure to the precious metal. ETFs and mutual funds can be bought and sold like stocks, providing greater liquidity compared to physical gold. 

Risk vs Reward Considerations

As a politically conservative investor, you value security and seek protection against potential economic or political instability and the liberal spending agenda that is one of the root causes of inflation. Gold has been regarded as a reliable store of value for thousands of years, making it an appealing option to hedge against currency collapses or hyperinflation. For security purposes, you have the option to purchase physical gold and store it in a secure location. Having physical gold readily available ensures you possess a valuable asset that can serve as a form of currency in dire circumstances. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge the associated risks, such as the possibility of theft or loss.

 Another approach to owning gold for security reasons is to invest in gold mining stocks. These stocks represent shares in companies engaged in gold mining. By investing in gold mining stocks, you gain exposure to the gold market and potentially benefit from diversification. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that gold mining stocks carry their own set of risks, including company-specific issues and fluctuations in the gold market.

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It’s worth mentioning that if your objective is to have gold readily available in case of an apocalyptic event, such as a currency collapse or war, gold mining stocks or gold ETFs or mutual funds would not fulfill that purpose. In such extreme scenarios, access to your financial assets would likely not be available. It’s prudent to recognize this limitation and consider that purchasing only ETFs, mutual funds or gold mining stock would not fulfill all of your financial and political objectives.

Help Is On The Way

Given the complexity of owning gold and the importance of making informed decisions aligned with your conservative values, it’s advisable to seek guidance from a trusted financial advisor like Rubin Wealth Advisors, that is aligned with your values and thinks like you do! They understand your concerns about the world we live in and the potential challenges ahead. 

Most financial advisors would tell a politically conservative investor that it’s okay to invest only in gold stocks, ETFs or mutual funds. But these are all financial instruments, not easily accessed in times of crisis.  Why are most advisors not recommending physical gold? It’s simply because they aren’t compensated for it or they don’t see the potential risk in the economy with over $100 trillion of debt.  Rubin Wealth Advisors can help you navigate the various ownership options and determine the best approach to owning gold based on your unique circumstances and goals.

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