Becoming a Client

At Rubin Wealth Advisors, we want to make the process of becoming a client as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our  client on-boarding process is designed to provide you with the confidence that your financial future is in capable hands.

1. Choosing RWA as Your Trusted Partner

Selecting the right financial advisor is a pivotal decision in safeguarding your financial future. We understand the significance of this choice, which is why we prioritize compatibility not only with your political values but more importantly with your financial interests. Our commitment to aligning our values with those of our clients ensures a strong, trust-based partnership that fosters financial security and prosperity. When you choose RWA, you can be confident in receiving expert guidance that resonates with your beliefs and safeguards your financial well-being.

Getting to Know You and Your Unique Financial Situation

2. Getting to Know You and Your Unique Financial Situation

Our founder, Bob, believes in a personal approach to financial planning. He will take the time to understand your retirement goals, financial obligations, and other important aspects of your life, such as your family, health, interests, and aspirations. Part of this process includes a brief 5-minute questionnaire covering topics like portfolio size, top financial goals, and your risk tolerance, allowing us to determine your precise Risk Number, which will guide our decision-making process. 

Aligning Your Portfolio


Once we pinpoint your Risk Number, we’ll craft a portfolio that aligns with your personal preferences and priorities. This tailored approach ensures that you feel comfortable with the expected outcomes of your investments. The proposed portfolio will include projections for potential gains and losses over time.

Defining Your Financial Goals


To help you achieve your financial goals, whether that’s buying a home,  acquiring a business, retiring comfortably, or funding a college education, we will provide you clarity on your path to success. By the end of this process, you’ll have a better understanding of how we can increase the probability of reaching your financial objectives.

3. Implementing Your Customized Strategy

As a RWA client, you’ll benefit from ongoing updates on Bob’s insights into the stock market and other factors that may impact your portfolio. We’re committed to keeping you informed and prepared. If your life circumstances or financial goals change, Bob will ensure that your financial plan remains aligned with your needs. Feel free to reach out to Bob at any time with questions or concerns, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on enjoying life without financial worries.

Implementing Your Customized Strategy
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At Rubin Wealth Advisors, we understand that navigating the investment landscape can be daunting, particularly in these times when many feel uncertain about the direction our country is heading. That’s why we’ve incorporated the Nitrogen risk assessment process, a cutting-edge tool designed to align your financial portfolio with your personal risk tolerance.


Nitrogen, previously known as Riskalyze, is an innovative software program that precisely evaluates your willingness and ability to handle investment risk, quantifying it as a ‘Risk Number.’ This Risk Number, ranging from 1 to 99, reflects your comfort level with investment risk—the higher the number, the greater your tolerance. The unique aspect of Nitrogen is its reliance on Nobel Prize-winning computational methods, which ensure a high degree of accuracy far surpassing traditional, subjective risk profiling.

This process begins with a questionnaire that you complete, which feeds into Nitrogen’s sophisticated algorithm. The result is a Risk Number tailored specifically to you, offering a clear, objective view of your risk appetite.

But Nitrogen doesn’t stop there. It also assigns Risk Numbers to investment portfolios. This feature allows us to efficiently match your Risk Number with suitable investment options, ensuring that your portfolio is not only aligned with your risk tolerance but is also positioned to maximize potential returns.

In today’s volatile market, where many fear the progressive agenda is threatening the financial stability of our nation, Nitrogen provides a beacon of clarity. It’s a tool that empowers us at Rubin Wealth Advisors to safeguard your interests and investments. It allows us to conduct stress tests and scenario analyses, such as the impact of a bear market or high inflation, ensuring your portfolio remains resilient against uncertainties.

Originating in 2011 and now a market leader, Nitrogen has revolutionized the way risk is assessed in the financial sector. It is widely used by professionals across the U.S., attesting to its reliability and effectiveness.

In choosing Rubin Wealth Advisors, you’re not just selecting a financial advisor. You’re choosing a partner who understands your concerns in these challenging times and who is equipped with the best tools to secure your financial future. Discover your Risk Number with us and take the first step towards a portfolio that reflects your values and goals in this ever-changing world. Schedule an appointment today to explore how Nitrogen can work for you.