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You’ve likely heard the familiar refrain: “Not all investment advisors are alike.” And indeed, it holds true. We are distinct, not just in surface-level differences, but also in the underlying values we embody. While other advisors may focus solely on discussing the types of investments they offer or their fee structure, there is an important aspect they fail to address: how those fees may be used against your best interests.



While many advisors claim to act in their clients’ best interest, they neglect to mention a critical factor. They may work contrary to the best interest of politically conservative clients by investing in companies that support a liberal agenda and utilizing the fees you pay to contribute to liberal causes. Clearly, this misalignment does not serve your best interest.



In contrast, I exclusively work with politically conservative clients because I am dedicated to upholding my commitment to act solely in their best interest. When you choose to work with me, Bob, you can trust that your values and interests will be fully understood and supported.



By fostering an environment where politically conservative individuals can freely express their beliefs, I aim to create a welcoming and comfortable space for you. This ensures that our partnership is grounded in shared values and a mutual understanding of what is truly important to you.

It’s a valid question, and one that has likely led you here. Let’s explore a few ways to assess where your advisor stands.


One straightforward approach is to engage your advisor or broker in a conversation about their stance on environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) investments. Inquire about the political causes their firm supports and ask for their opinions on recent election cycles. You can also examine the companies in your portfolio directly to see if you own any that may not align with your values, such as Disney, Google, Comcast, and others.


These initial steps serve as a starting point, but to gain more clarity, consider posing a few additional questions to your broker or advisor:


  1. How many of my companies or funds support ESG initiatives?
  2. What is the rationale behind supporting ESG?
  3. How does supporting ESG impact the costs for me as an investor?
  4. If you prefer a more indirect approach, you can research your firm’s name along with ESG to gain insights into their stance on these issues.

Additionally, take a closer look at your firm’s newsletters, website, and promotional materials. Do they actively promote ESG and other liberal agendas? These sources can provide valuable insights into the overall direction and values of the firm.


At Rubin Wealth Advisors, we understand the importance of finding an advisor who not only shares your conservative values but also acts in your best interest. We are dedicated to serving politically conservative investors, providing tailored guidance and support that aligns with your beliefs and objectives. With us, you can have confidence that your financial journey is rooted in your values and guided by a shared commitment to your success.

As a politically conservative and discerning investor, you are not swayed by the progressive agenda. You value the careful and prudent management of your substantial investable assets, ensuring they are handled with the utmost thoughtfulness, appropriate risk assessment, and security.


We recognize your concern about where your fees may be directed and the support of progressive causes. Rest assured, our commitment to your conservative principles means that your fees will not contribute to causes that do not align with your values.


Additionally, we understand the importance of working with an advisory firm or broker that shares your conservative outlook. You can trust that our team maintains a politically conservative perspective, providing you with the guidance and support you need while remaining true to your principles.


Please note that due to our dedication to individualized attention and personalized service, we limit our client base to those with investable assets of at least 1 million dollars. This allows us to focus on your unique needs and goals, delivering the highest level of service and expertise.


At Rubin Wealth Advisors, we are committed to serving politically conservative sophisticated investors like yourself. With us, you can expect a tailored approach that aligns with your values, protects your interests, and helps you achieve your financial objectives.

It’s easy. All you have to do is provide us with your statements and some basic information; we will complete the three documents for your signature via DocuSign. Then, we take care of the rest. After that, the money is directly transferred from your old account to your new Schwab account.  

Schedule a call so we can learn more about you and your family. We want to know about your financial goals, needs, and wishes. We must understand what you are trying to accomplish, what’s working, and what’s not, so we can help create a financial and investment plan to achieve your goals.    

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Yes,  We act on behalf of others and are obligated to put your interests first.


What is the difference between a financial advisor who is a fiduciary and a broker or registered representative? A financial advisor who is a fiduciary is obligated to put your interest first. A broker, who earns commissions, uses what is called the suitability standard.  This standard of care does not require them to put your interest first.

Fees, not commissions. We charge a percentage for the assets under our management according to a schedule outlined in our Investment Advisory Agreement. Our prices range from .35% to 2.0% annually, billed every quarter, based on the value of your account(s) on the last quarter’s day.  As fiduciaries, we do not promote products and services that provide other advisors commission payments.  RWA sticks to the basics and focuses on your needs. We only work on your behalf and as your assets grow we both win.

Absolutely, as a politically conservative sophisticated investor, you may find great value in having a personal relationship with a trusted financial advisor.


As life becomes more complex, navigating various financial considerations can become overwhelming. Whether it’s managing your profession, tax planning, saving for retirement, homeownership goals, starting a family, or other significant milestones, having a well-crafted financial plan becomes crucial. A qualified financial advisor who is also an experienced investment manager can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout these stages.


By working closely with a financial advisor, you can benefit from their expertise in creating a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your specific goals and aspirations. They can offer valuable insights, help you navigate complex financial decisions, and develop strategies to optimize your assets and investments.


A skilled financial advisor understands the unique challenges and opportunities that politically conservative individuals face. They can help align your financial plan with your conservative values, ensuring that your investments are in line with your principles.


Ultimately, a financial advisor can be a trusted partner who helps you make informed decisions, provides ongoing support, and ensures that your financial journey remains on track.

Wealth management and investment management are two different but related terms in the world of finance.


Investment management mainly deals with managing investment portfolios. It involves making decisions about where to invest your money, selecting specific investments, and keeping an eye on how they perform. The goal is to make your money grow while also managing any risks involved. Investment managers analyze the market, do research, and give advice on what investments to make.


Wealth management, on the other hand, is a broader concept. It includes not only investment management but also other important aspects of your overall financial situation. Wealth managers take into account things like financial planning, taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, and managing risks. They look at your entire financial picture to create a plan that suits your goals and helps you achieve long-term financial success.


In simple terms, investment management is more focused on managing your investments to make them grow, while wealth management looks at your overall financial situation and helps you plan for a secure and prosperous future.

We take your privacy seriously. We are paranoid and act accordingly. RWA adheres to a strict information Privacy Policy.  We are constantly monitoring our computer security. We contract with a computer security firm who regularly updates our computers and ensures all our drivers and software are up to date. We have a strict password policy; computers must be locked when employees are not at a desk. We audit log-in attempts. Identity theft is rampant. We do everything we can to keep your information safe. 

Your assets are held at Schwab Institutional, one of the largest 3rd party custodians in the world. Charles Schwab has over seven trillion dollars of client funds on their platform.  RWA does not have custody of your assets.


Furthermore, our partnership with Charles Schwab Institutional offers our clientele the following:


24/7 online access to view your account(s)


Regular statements


Institutional account reporting


World-class research


By utilizing Schwab Institutional, our clients benefit from enhanced privacy, security, and transparency regarding investment performance, fees, and transaction details. Schwab Institutional ensures that sensitive information remains confidential while providing clear visibility into investment performance, fees, and transaction activity.

When it comes to planning for retirement, we take a proactive and strategic approach that revolves around three key principles:


1) Consistently setting aside money in a tax-efficient manner. We help you develop a plan to regularly save and invest, taking advantage of tax benefits to optimize your retirement funds.


2) Seizing opportunities to grow your retirement savings. We guide you in making wise decisions when unexpected windfalls or significant financial events occur, ensuring that you invest these funds wisely rather than succumbing to the temptation to spend them immediately.


3) Making intelligent investment choices to maximize growth and create a reliable income stream in your retirement years. Our expertise in tax laws, long-term investment strategies, product selection, and risk analysis empowers us to guide you towards making informed investment decisions that align with your goals.


With our in-depth knowledge and attention to detail in areas such as tax laws and long-term investment strategies, we aim to provide politically conservative sophisticated investors like yourself with a dynamic and effective retirement plan. Our approach is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring that you can look forward to a financially secure and fulfilling retirement.

People have asked us why we specialize in politically conservative people. People assume that we are attacking or “owning” the liberals. This is not true. This specialty of ours is a defensive move. It was made in reaction to the left canceling conservatives from using many different types of business. There are thousands of cases of conservatives being de-platformed from banking, tech, or even health clubs. They are even being kicked out of coffee shops and restaurants. So we decided to be a comfortable place for politically conservative people to invest their money.

Nobody can predict the market. But we do know that over time the market has gone up. We take that basic philosophy and apply it to your portfolio. Your risk tolerance starts the process. We build your portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and your need for funds to meet your financial goals.

We recognize that people are individuals and that each of us has a unique tolerance for investment risk. That’s why we selected Riskalyze to help us measure your risk. Over the last 12 years, Riskalyze has proven to be an accurate measure of risk tolerance. When we use Riskalyze, we schedule a 15-minute interview, putting you through a risk assessment process. At the end of the process, you will have a risk score ranging from 1 to 99, with one being the lowest and 99 being the highest tolerance for risk. We will use this risk score to help allocate your portfolio so you and I can sleep at night. 


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Yes, we provide Estate Planning services. Estate Planning involves the strategic preparation for the transfer of wealth to designated beneficiaries, such as family members, friends, or charities, after an individual passes away. One of the primary goals of Estate Planning is to minimize the taxes imposed on the transfer of assets during the estate settlement process.


Additionally, Estate Planning allows individuals to provide clear instructions on how their wealth should be managed and utilized to support them as they age, ensuring that their financial well-being is safeguarded. This includes provisions for long-term care and addressing any specific concerns or wishes they may have.


Our team is experienced in guiding clients through the Estate Planning process, helping them develop comprehensive strategies that align with their goals and wishes. We work closely with legal professionals to ensure that the necessary legal documents and structures are in place to protect and distribute assets according to their intentions.

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At Rubin Wealth Advisors, we understand that navigating the investment landscape can be daunting, particularly in these times when many feel uncertain about the direction our country is heading. That’s why we’ve incorporated the Nitrogen risk assessment process, a cutting-edge tool designed to align your financial portfolio with your personal risk tolerance.


Nitrogen, previously known as Riskalyze, is an innovative software program that precisely evaluates your willingness and ability to handle investment risk, quantifying it as a ‘Risk Number.’ This Risk Number, ranging from 1 to 99, reflects your comfort level with investment risk—the higher the number, the greater your tolerance. The unique aspect of Nitrogen is its reliance on Nobel Prize-winning computational methods, which ensure a high degree of accuracy far surpassing traditional, subjective risk profiling.

This process begins with a questionnaire that you complete, which feeds into Nitrogen’s sophisticated algorithm. The result is a Risk Number tailored specifically to you, offering a clear, objective view of your risk appetite.

But Nitrogen doesn’t stop there. It also assigns Risk Numbers to investment portfolios. This feature allows us to efficiently match your Risk Number with suitable investment options, ensuring that your portfolio is not only aligned with your risk tolerance but is also positioned to maximize potential returns.

In today’s volatile market, where many fear the progressive agenda is threatening the financial stability of our nation, Nitrogen provides a beacon of clarity. It’s a tool that empowers us at Rubin Wealth Advisors to safeguard your interests and investments. It allows us to conduct stress tests and scenario analyses, such as the impact of a bear market or high inflation, ensuring your portfolio remains resilient against uncertainties.

Originating in 2011 and now a market leader, Nitrogen has revolutionized the way risk is assessed in the financial sector. It is widely used by professionals across the U.S., attesting to its reliability and effectiveness.

In choosing Rubin Wealth Advisors, you’re not just selecting a financial advisor. You’re choosing a partner who understands your concerns in these challenging times and who is equipped with the best tools to secure your financial future. Discover your Risk Number with us and take the first step towards a portfolio that reflects your values and goals in this ever-changing world. Schedule an appointment today to explore how Nitrogen can work for you.