Bob and his team demand best-in-class solutions that improve your user experience while optimizing technical performance. We have carefully selected partners who are among the best financial technology companies in the industry.

Charles Schwab

All of our client’s assets are secured at Charles Schwab. Schwab is our custodian, which means that they custody, or hold all of our client’s funds. Rubin Wealth Advisors will never hold a client’s assets. When you become a client, we work together to help you meet your financial goals and then execute those goals by directing Charles Schwab on your behalf.

Schwab provides user-friendly tools that increase your access to your account information, including Schwab’s mobile app, JD Powers’ top-ranked app for investors. That’s the kind of service, support and excellence we can get behind.


Do we really know our tolerance to investment risk? Are we able to quantify it as a specific number between 1 to 99? Often we find that our perception is different from reality. Bob and his team use Riskalyze’s award-winning technology to help you understand how much risk you are comfortable with your investments.

Riskalyze is the top risk alignment platform which provides you with an edge by supplying a quantitative measurement of risk. The Riskalyze Risk Number® is an objective, mathematical approach to removing subjectivity by quantifying the risk of investors and portfolios. Ambiguous terms such as “conservative” or “moderately-aggressive” can cause confusion in the investment arena. Instead of vague general terms you end up with a number from 1 to 99. Simple, yet powerful.


Blueleaf simplifies tracking all your savings and investments while making everything you own transparent, understandable, and controllable.They deliver complete data, updated daily across their entire system and provide a user-friendly portal that enables you to be present in your finances by gaining access to a weekly report.

Adhesion Wealth Management

You have multiple goals – we have strategies to get you there. Adhesion Wealth Management makes trading, optimization of gains, and leveraging tax-advantageous investments across multiple accounts at any given time faster, easier and more seamless. Their user-friendly interface puts managing, viewing and reporting multiple strategies front and center so you receive a comprehensive view of your account. This saves you time and money while keeping you well-informed.

Moneyguide Pro

MoneyGuide financial planning software provides sophisticated solutions and smart assumptions to help us navigate the complex elements of our clients’ lives. This enables us to observe and make recommendations on your situation in a more holistic manner.