Financing higher education

Education costs represent one of the most significant expenses families face. The cost continues to rise, outpacing the rate of inflation, yet careful and early planning can help reduce stress, open your options, and eliminate the burden of excessive student debt. Education planning will help ensure that your children or grandchildren will have the funds available to pay for higher education tuition and expenses. The road to financing college is ever-changing, so Bob and his team will help keep you current and help you navigate through 529 Plans, Education Savings Accounts, gifting, and other alternatives to develop the right plan for you and your family.

As a trustee of a major Florida university, Bob has first-hand experience with the hard-left influence in our university system. It has become a crap-shoot as to when you send your child off to a four-year university as a good young conservative, that they can come back a crazy-eyed, woke progressive. This is one of the reasons Bob spent so much time on Turning Point USA.

College education Planning