Nurturing Conservative Values: Empowering Your Child to Preserve Their Ideals Through College

As the cost of education continues to rise, it has become a significant financial burden for families, surpassing inflation rates. However, with careful and early planning, you can alleviate stress, expand opportunities, and avoid excessive student debt. Education planning is crucial to ensure that your children or grandchildren have the necessary funds to cover their higher education expenses. In today’s evolving college financing landscape, Bob and his team are dedicated to exploring alternative solutions like 529 Plans, Education Savings Accounts, and gifting options, tailoring a plan that suits your family’s conservative values and financial goals.


With his valuable experience as a Trustee Emeritus of a prestigious Florida university and current Chair of their Financial Board, Bob understands the challenges associated with financing a college education. Drawing from his successful strategies in financing his own three sons’ education, he is eager to share his expertise and guidance with you and your family, just as he has done for numerous others.


One effective way to finance a college education is for your child to take advanced courses, such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes, during high school. By earning college credits through these courses, you save on tuition costs since there is no need to finance the classes your child is exempt from.


It’s crucial to be aware of the potential long-term consequences when sending your politically conservative child to a university. In today’s landscape, where most institutions of higher education have evolved into progressive indoctrination centers, it’s important to recognize that your child’s exposure to such ideologies may lead them to adopt progressive beliefs. As a result, you may face future challenges and costs associated with their changed political outlook.

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