Robert Rubin, CLU, CHFC.

Bob and his Family

Bob has a heart for philanthropy and his community. He and his wife raised Scott, a son with Autism, and they work to ensure that other young adults with Autism find the ability to be as independent as possible. Scott holds down two jobs and volunteers on weekends. Bob’s middle son attended Penn State and has developed into a very principled conservative young man.  His youngest son attends the University of Florida and is immune to the progressive indoctrination program that is prevalent in UF.  This is the kind of family and his wife have built. Independence begins at home.

Through his weekly newsletter, The Rubin Report, Bob keeps his clients informed about the latest Leftist fads such as ESG investing. He points out how Big Tech companies and those run by Hollywood elites need to get the message that we won’t be told that we need to be “woke” and we won’t waste our energy investing in their latest schemes.

In fact, Bob has lived and worked in the Free State of Florida almost his entire life. He lives in the place where “woke goes to die.” And that’s why Bob will help you understand how to make smart investments, not politically motivated ones.

Business Owner to Business Owner

If you are a business owner like Bob, you are not only concerned about your own personal wealth and the welfare of your family and friends, but also that of your colleagues and staff. If you are an individual investor, you are subject to most of the same Big Government edicts that try hard to distribute your wealth.

Choosing a financial advisor that shares your values is more important than ever. You can trust that Bob and his team will a politically conservative lens on your investments. He is passionate about helping you navigate the ever-increasing complexities of investment management and financial planning so that you can build your wealth and continue to pursue and protect the American Dream. Bob won’t let you get caught flat-footed – or fooled – by corporations who are simply following every trend set by the progressive Left.

Focused Energy!

When Bob is not advising clients, keeping current on regulatory and IRS changes or researching new investment opportunities, he’s exercising his religious freedom every week at his temple, or relaxing with friends at his favorite cigar lounge or practicing tactical shooting at his favorite range so that he can keep himself and his family safe.

Bob is also often found at all the top conservative conferences, reminiscing about the days of William F. Buckley, Jr. and Ronald Reagan and supporting emerging conservative youth and the organizations that train and mobilize them. But don’t be surprised to catch Bob with a smile on his face, right before he pulls out his phone to show you the latest fun “headlines” from one of his favorite sources of “news,” The Babylon Bee.

Politically-active conservatives know Bob and often seek out his advice. Most recently, Bob’s advice was sought by the prestigious Antigua Forum, an “accelerator for freedom” program that brings economic liberty-minded individuals from around the globe to a private retreat in Guatemala each year.

Bob served as a member of the board of trustees at Florida Atlantic University for over a decade, and now contributes as a member of the FAU Finance Corporation. Bob is always out recruiting people to join ” the cause”  so we can hold the powers-at-be accountable – from academia to corporate board rooms.

Bob puts this same energy into protecting your investments from Big Government and the progressive Left. But, most of all, he’s just so much fun to be around. It’s rare to finish a conversation with Bob without learning a new idea or being introduced to a new connection. Bob is a problem solver at heart – and he’s a man whose heart is always with his family and the future of the country his boys will live in.

So, if you’ve gotten this far and have enjoyed reading about Bob, give him a call and discuss enlisting him as Your Financial Freedom Fighter!

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