As a solid conservative, your need to know that Most Advisors are not working in you Best Interest

You’ve heard it a hundred times: “Not all investment advisors are alike.” Which is true. We are not all alike, and in more ways than those ads want to talk about. So instead, they talk about the kinds of investments they put you in and how they charge fees and not commissions. Which is all good.


But they don’t tell you is how they are using the fees you pay against you.


While they all claim to “only work in the best interest of their client,” they leave out one crucial fact. They work AGAINST the best interest of their politically conservative clients by investing in companies that support the liberal agenda and using the fees you pay to donate to liberal causes.


 Not at all in your best interest.


I only work with politically conservative clients because I want to be true to my oath to only work in the best interest of my clients. So, what you get when you work with me is a politically conservative investment strategy and someone who understands your best interests.


If you are politically conservative, you’ll feel right at home with Bob knowing that you can speak freely about your beliefs. Lets start a conversation about politics, your investments and a better future.

conservative values

Clients first…Always!

Our team is bound by a Fiduciary standard that places our clients’ interests ahead of our own. We operate on a fee-only (non-commission) basis and are committed to providing comprehensive advice that puts you first. Every decision we make is in your best interest. We stand apart from broker-dealers and registered representatives who are only obligated to provide you with suitable investments – not necessarily the investment choices that are in your absolute best interest.


Everything we do is designed to help you build wealth, remove obstacles and accomplish your goals in a highly personalized, holistic approach that aligns with your goals, needs, risk tolerance and investment objectives.

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As Fiduciary, Bob and his team are required by law to always act in our clients’ best interests. We answer to the highest standard.

Fiduciary or suitability? Understanding the difference.

Is your broker legally required to put your interests first or does he work under a less restrictive suitability standard? Your financial health may depend on the answer.


Click Here to learn more about the difference. You may then want to ask your broker if they are held to the higher Fiduciary Standard.

No BS… Just straight forward advice

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